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vt rn renewal

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Vermont Secretary of State Attn Renewal Clerk Office of Professional Regulation 89 Main St. 3rd Floor Montpelier VT 05620-3420 Board of Nursing 802 828-1505 www. vtprofessionals. org Registered Nurse Renewal Application Current Expiration 03/31/2013 Renewal Period Covering 04/01/2013 through 03/31/2015 Renewal Application Fee 95. Vtprofessionals. org Registered Nurse Renewal Application Current Expiration 03/31/2013 Renewal Period Covering 04/01/2013 through 03/31/2015 Renewal Application Fee...
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about your license renewal after you that very first that very first renewal period and continuing competency so in this data Texas once you you do your initial renewal you'll renew your license every every two years and you'll be required to have a minimum of twenty contact hours so we have a couple of definitions about competency and and continuing ed that you can look at there are there specific requirements for the continuing education that you'll need to renew your license it must be in your area practice you have to do at least two hours nursing jurisprudence or ethics before every third um license renewal and y'all have just taken that so you won't have to worry about it for a little bit and if you practice with older adults or a geriatric population which is most people then they cute care setting nowadays you need to contact hours and older care geriatric care each renewal cycle and then if you work in the IDI you'll have to have continuing ed and forensic evidence collection there's um a lot of different activities that are okay I mean you'll you'll even get them in the mail you can you can do these activities online you can go to seee classes in in place like to go to a conference or those kind of things if you go to advance your nursing degree and get your BSN any academic course that you take in the BSN curriculum that's specific to nursing can give you C II so one hours in a one hours or in a BSN program is worth fifteen hours of continuing education so just the course every now and then towards your your BSN all all meet your requirements for for total requirements you probably still need that geriatric and the and ethics every every three times there's some specific specific C's that are not allowed for renewal like your CPR in those kind of places so I'll go ahead and review this list right here and make sure you can recognize won't count but will not count for C E and it's a it's a licensed nurse you're responsible to take care of this yourself there won't be a reminder or anything and when you renew your license you'll have to cut you know make a statement that says you you did your c YZ and to verify compliance what the board has is a random audit process so you'll get this random mail it'll come by by home may all not email and it'll be a bill that says you've been selected to be audited if that's the case you have to go to this website a different a different website and upload proof of your CES and like the the copies of the CD certs that you get and then sign a statement that you are in compliance with the with the board rules so there's some more information here if you want to look at it you know you don't have to worry about it the very first time you renew but you will after that very first renewal cycle every two years you'll have to have 20 C in ease and and with those requirements that we talked about a...
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